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People Kayaking in Slate Run on Pine Creek in the Pine Creek Valley, Pa

In this section of Pine Creek, you'll find information about canoe access areas thoughout the valley. Here you'll find where you can launch your canoe in Pine Creek and where you may be able to park your vehicle to exit the water. I started at the Jersey Shore Access area on the Susquehanna River because this is a popular spot to exit the water. There is public parking nearby and it is rather easy to get in and out. Also, the mouth of Pine Creek is not far from this location. From here I'll drive up the Pine Creek Valley and give you driving distances to other places you can enter and exit Pine Creek. I hope to give you an idea of how far it is to each point to make it easier for you to plan your canoeing or floating trip accordingly. I know from many years of floating on Pine Creek that it can be difficult to determine where to get out. I'll also try to give some idea on how swift the water can be in areas that I am familiar with. Again, I hope this helps and Thank You for visiting Pine Creek!

-Pine Creek Valley, Pa Canoe Access Locations-

First of all to get to the Jersey Shore Access location you'll have to travel on Interstate 220. From 220 you will take the Main Street Exit of Jersey Shore and head into town. You'll come to a red light and on your left you will see Jersey Shore State Bank. About a block after Jersey Shore State Bank, you'll find Smith Street and just before Smith street you'll turn left into a small parking lot. This is the public parking that I spoke of. Just at the end of the lot you'll find the Jersey Shore Access.

Jersey Shore - For our purposes this will be mile marker 0.0

Now from the Jersey Shore Access the easiest way to travel is to head back the same direction, toward Interstate 220. You'll want to follow 220 South toward Lock Haven. You'll first pass the Thomas Street exit for Jersey Shore and then the very next exit you'll find the Pine Creek exit. Take that exit and stay right. You'll now be on State Route 44 North. From here you'll find the following Canoe Access Locations:

Torbert - 5.8 Miles from Jersey Shore

Once you pass the Ramsey Canoe Access you'll travel up State Route 44 North, travel through the small village of Waterville, and watch for the "Y" intersection of State Route 414 North. Take a right onto State 414 North to find the following Canoe Access Locations:

Hamilton Bottom - 12.4 Miles from Torbert
Ross Run - 7.4 Miles from Hamilton Bottom
Clark Farm - Utceter Station - 1.9 Miles from Ross Run
Black Walnut Bottom - .7 Miles from Clark Farm - Utceter Station
Slate Run - 1.9 Miles from Black Walnut Bottom
Gamble Run - 3.9 Miles from Slate Run
Robert McCullough Jr. - 6.9 Miles from Gamble Run

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