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Pine Creek Rail Trail Distances Page photo of the rail trail near Stokesdale
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Here you'll find distances between stops on the Pine Creek Rail Trail. I personally rode the trail and marked down the distances between Parking areas, resting points and other sites to see on the rail trail.

NOTE: You are allowed to park over night at all of the designated Pine Creek Rail Trail Parking Locations. If you are looking to camp along the rail trail, you can get a permit from these Rail Trail Authorities

-Pine Creek Rail Trail, stopping points-

Since I started the Pine Creek Rail Trail Parking Areas page at the southern end in Jersey Shore, I'll start this page in the north at the Parking Area near Stokesdale.

Stokesdale - For our purposes this will be mile marker 0.0
Restroom - 4.65 miles from Stokesdale
Horse Back Trail Riding start and Ansonia Parking Area - 2.92 miles from Restroom stop
Darling Run - 1.02 Miles from Ansonia Parking Area
Turkey Path Trail - 3.51 Miles from Darling Run Parking Area
Tiadaghton Camping Area and end of Horse Back Trail Riding - 1.02 Miles from Darling Run Parking Area
Robert McCullough Jr. - 8.4 Miles from Tiadaghton Camping Area
Hoffman Camping Area - .8 Miles from Robert McCullough Jr. Parking Area
Rattlesnake Rock - 1.0 Miles from Hoffman Camping Area
Hilborn Field Restroom - 6 miles from Rattlesnake Rock Parking Area
Slate Run - 2.6 Miles from Hilborn Field Restroom
Black Walnut Bottom - 1.9 Miles from Slate Run Parking Area
Clark Farm - Utceter Station - .7 Miles from Black Walnut Bottom
Ross Run - 1.9 Miles from Clark Farm - Utceter Station Parking Area
Cammal Restroom - 2.6 miles from Ross Run Parking Area
Dry Run Restroom - 5.6 miles from Cammal Restroom
Waterville - 10.4 Miles from Ross Run
Bonnell Flats (Old Boy Scout Camp Kline Camping Area)- 4.3 miles from Waterville
Whitetail - 4.9 Miles from Waterville
Jersey Shore - 3.4 Miles from Whitetail Parking Area

If you would like to see a map of all of these rail trail parking locations and other points, please visit my Pine Creek Rail Trail Map.

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